Twitter? I can’t believe it…

28 Jun

Okay everyone, you win. I am now officially on Twitter. I don’t even know how to use the damn thing, and I sure don’t know what I am going to “tweet” about besides “I’m walking….still walking….walking some more…” but the point is I am there so stop bugging me about it already! Find me at

Ooooo, I can change my background colors—pretty!

I can already tell I am going to like this.



One Response to “Twitter? I can’t believe it…”

  1. Julia June 28, 2009 at 10:57 pm #

    Well, Grandpa,

    It’s T-7 hours before you head out to the New World! I’m so glad some of us got to get together before you headed out on your big adventure! You are going to have a blast. I can’t wait to hear all your stories (especially if you change your mind about bringing along a weapon of choice). I mostly can’t wait until October-ish when I will discover the bearded grandpa in the Carolina mountains!!!

    Okay, so here’s some advice while you are away:

    1. Maine is not Santorini, so think twice before you go for a swim.
    2. Protect your glasses with your life.
    3. Update me periodically with your coordinates app., haha.
    4. Keep your backpack tight around your hips (I think I learned that somewhere).
    5. Set your skin free and grow that full mustache and beard you’ve always wanted – I think the mountains will give your beard extra growing powers.
    6. If you grow too fatigued, “pull over” and rest up – this is not a race.
    7. Don’t be ashamed to take some allergy medicines now and then – you are in the middle of innumerable pollens – AAAH!
    8. If you see a mama bear, pick up her baby and lead them all in a Sic ‘Em – they’ll love that!
    9. If you see a mama cheetah and her 5 cubs, feed them an antelope – you know they have worked so hard to overcome the 98% mortality rate! (And then “pull off” and talk to a doctor about why you are seeing cheetahs.)
    10. Take a break and update your blog from time-to-time. We all want to know what kind of cool stuff you are experiencing! And please include pictures! 😀


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