Route Map

1 Jul

Just two days until go time! I’ve spent the last few days charting my route using this nifty website that calculates the exact distance between points on my route. I’ve been using it to put together a list of about 100 waypoints along the route to help me in navigation and pacing. My route is rather unusual in that it doesn’t follow an established coast-to-coast trail. Instead, I have cobbled together a mixture of roads, tracks, and trails, which I am connecting together to make my way across the country.

Anyways, for those of you who are interested, below is a detailed map charting my route across Scotland. Click the image for a full-size version!

As always, it is not too late to donate to End Polio Now. Just follow this link to my CrowdRise donation website. As of now, I have raised over $1,300, almost halfway to my goal of $3,000! If you want to learn more about Polio and how we are so close to its eradication, go check out this TED Talk by Bruce Aylward, who is the head of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative at the WHO. He gives a hopeful and convicting message, and I’ll be thinking about his words throughout my hike as encouragement.


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