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Oh the weather outside is…

30 Nov

…delightful? Yes, I think that is the right word. There is snow. Everywhere. It’s been snowing off-and-on since Friday night, and it is really delightful. Here, see for yourself:

The Bell Tower With Snow:

Snow on Campus:

Snow in the West Quad:

Kelvingrove Museum:

In other news, I’m almost finished with the semester. In fact, I should be working on some final projects right now, but instead I am doing a much needed update to my blog. Things have been going swimmingly well here recently. I got to have not just one, but two Thanksgiving parties while I was here, one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh. They were really neat because a lot of my friends who are not American came, most of whom had never tasted pumpkin pie! I used Paula Dean’s the Secret Kent Family Pumpkin Pie Recipe. SPOILER ALERT: the secret ingredient is pumpkin. We even went around the table and said what we are all thankful for, which the New Zealanders thought was a bit silly but participated in anyways.

I had a stall at my church’s Christmas fair last weekend, trying to hawk some  of my photographs to unsuspecting strangers. I even surpassed my expectations and sold one! You can see it here. There was actually a lot of very complimentary interest in my work, just not many buyers. The Christmas craft fair circuit is probably not the best market for moody B&W prints of western Scotland, especially since my main competition at these fairs are things like this. That only leaves me with about $200 worth of unsold stock to get rid of before my return to the US next year. Did I mention that I ship internationally [suggestive clearing of the throat]? I think I will try to do a few more Christmas fairs here in Glasgow and see if I can sell a few more.

It is 4:11 PM as I am writing this sentence, and the sun is almost set. I am counting down the days (24, to be exact) until my family and my super-awesome-girlfriend arrive. They are all pretty much amazing, I love them all very much, and am pretty excited about seeing them. Not sure how to end this post, so I’m just going to end it…here.


Last Day of Summer

20 Sep

When I wrote that title, I was thinking “last day of summer vacation,” but then I realized that it is also the last day of the summer season, since tomorrow is the autumnal equinox and thus by definition fall starts tomorrow. Wait, scratch that. I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and the autumnal equinox is actually on September 23. Whatever, the point is that autumn is almost here. And while I am using the word “autumn” can we all agree that is quite a nice word and much prettier than “fall”? The equinox also means that the days will be shorter than the nights, or to quote Mr. Arda, “Now is the time where we meet the night.”

It’s hard for me to believe, but I left Dallas a month ago today. It feels like I have been gone only a few days really, and I certainly don’t feel particularly settled here yet either. Part of the problem is that I am not really settled yet. Last week I moved out of my dorm room, but the flat that I will be moving into isn’t ready until October 1. For a while I thought I might end up being homeless for a two weeks (just kidding…sorta) until at the last minute my local Rotary host here called me and said that I could stay in one of his relative’s flats while they were on vacation. It has really worked out perfectly so far, it was definitely an answered prayer. But I will certainly feel more at home once I actually have a home. The flat that I will be moving into in October is really nice actually, in a beautiful old Victorian building, literally across the street from the library. I am thrilled about it!

Isn’t Hipstamatic the greatest? Look at how it makes my new place seem so moody!

I’ve spent the past week exploring the city and the West End. Last week was what they call “fresher’s week,” which I would describe as “Baylor Welcome Week Minus Jesus Plus Booze,” and as you may guess from the title is geared towards freshmen, or “freshers” as they are called here. I’ve been really surprised at how few post-graduates I have met during the past few weeks. Most international students seem to be third-year exchange students. I guess all the other post-grads are already holed up in their study caves, getting prepared for the long winter of reading ahead of them.

I’m only enrolled in three courses this semester, and only three next semester. It seems a bit odd to me that somehow six courses and a thesis somehow equals a master’s degree, but I ain’t complaining. I tell you what though, this whole one-year-master’s thing is the deal of the century!

The air is getting cool now, but I wouldn’t really describe any of the days as “crisp” in that way that some falls day are. I really can’t even put my finger on what makes one day “crisp” and another not. We have had plenty of sunny and cool weather, but the air hasn’t really had the crisp, autumn, feel to it. I have a suspicion that crisp days also have low humidity, and since we get a lot of rain here in Glasgow, even when it’s sunny it’s still damp.

Well, it’s getting about supper time here. Wish me luck tomorrow for my first day of class!