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Looking for pictures?

28 May

Surprise! You probably came here looking for pictures, didn’t you? Well, I’ve moved the photoblog to a new address: And I’ve changed the address of my old blog, to the address that you are at right now. I know it’s a little confusing, for that I am truly sorry. But it was time to move on from the “bikesandguitars” days—no one ever understood what bikes and guitars had in common, or why they were the title of my blog. But to my credit, from the very beginning I warned my readers that the blog would have very little to do with bikes or guitars—although both of those items did get mentioned here and there.

But wait, there is more. I think it’s about time to start blogging again. What with my trip to Scotland coming up and all there are things that I want to write about and share with my tens of readers.

And I am rambling now. In summary: my new regular blog address is and my new photoblog address is Enjoy.


It’s Time for Something New

1 Apr

Nine months ago, I began hiking from Mt. Katahdin in Maine south along the Appalachian Trail. Six months and 2,178 miles later, I reached its southern terminus at Mt. Springer in Georgia. The story of my journey is in this blog.

But I have been back in civilization now for almost four months. It’s time for something new. I’ll be heading to graduate school in Scotland this fall. Until then, I’ll be posting a picture a day to my new photoblog. I hope you will come along for the journey.

Article in Lariat

29 Apr

Check it out! The Lariat ran a whole story about my composting program!