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A Few Notes

17 May

There is just a lot going on in my life right now and I can not really formulate it into a cohesive post, so I am just going to put it all down in a list. Enjoy.

1. I just grajitated graduated this morning. This is exciting, but also really sad. Which is how I want to feel. If I was only sad, then it would mean I have nothing to look forward to. And if I was only happy about graduating, then it would mean that I didn’t like college. So feeling excited/sad is just the best way to feel, even if it leaves me in a lot of tension.

2. I said goodbye to most of my friends over the past week. This was mainly just sad, not very exciting. I know that I am going to meet new people and have great friends in the future, but these friends are just so nice, and I like the features they come with, and I don’t want to learn how to get along with new people when I am just so comfortable here. We’ve been busy partying/camping/tubing/talking/hugging/crying/swimming/etc., trying to wring every bit of joy out of our last few days together. It’s exhausting, but worth it. To all of my friends, I say I love you dearly and will miss you greatly and hope to see you all very soon! The Baylor Studs better have a Christmas Party this year.

3. Bear attacks? See below.

4. Yes, I have read Into the Wild. No, I have not seen Deliverence. Whenever I tell people about hiking the AT, they invariably mention these two books/movies, and I make the same lame joke about not dying in the wilderness at the hands of inbred psychopaths or poison berries. Stop worrying everyone, I’m going to be fine. I am a College Graduate.

5. No I will not carry a gun (ahem, Ryan). The AT is considerably safer than the rest of America.

6. People keep asking me, “How will you eat on the trail?” Answer 1: “I’m going to forage for nuts and berries, and supplement my diet with the occasional bear or two. Answer 2: “I am carrying six months worth of Cliff Bars.” Answer 3 (the real answer): I am going to premake about two-thirds of my meals, box them up, and have them mailed to me a week’s worth at a time. I will purchase the other third along the way.

7. I might be going to grad school abroad in 2010 through a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship. I won’t find out if I got it until August, but it would be pretty great if I did!

That’s all I got. But I leave you with this video to think upon:


Article in Lariat

29 Apr

Check it out! The Lariat ran a whole story about my composting program!